Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sly And The Family Stone

This makes me want to play bass again. I will.

Trees 4 U


Underneath the carpet on the forest floor
Oak Ash Sycamore Holly Elm
Buried there forever like a Squirrel's store
Oak Ash Sycamore Holly Elm
Visited by Ants and the Badger's claw
Oak Ash Sycamore Holly Elm
This is woodland treasure that you can't ignore

Guarded by an Owl with blinking yellow eyes
Oak Ash Sycamore Holly Elm
Covered by the leaf mould in a dry disguise
Oak Ash Sycamore Holly Elm
Hidden by the treetops from the cotton skies
Oak Ash Sycamore Holly Elm
Time to catch the pleasure of this nature's cry
Oak Ash Sycamore Holly Elm

Who will be singing when the East wind blows
Who'll still be smiling when the moonbeam glows
Who throws a party on a Songbird's wing
Who grows a blossom out of anything


Who will be singing when the East wind blows
Who'll still be smiling when the moonbeam glows
Who throws a party on a Songbird's wing
Who grows a blossom out of anything

Diana is the hunter and she's on the run
Oak Ash Sycamore Holly Elm
She's lighting up the city with the Norfolk sun
Oak Ash Sycamore Holly Elm
Bringing fresh the air to town for everyone
Oak Ash Sycamore Holly Elm
What a germination what a world of fun
Oak Ash Sycamore Holly Elm


from Suburban Pastoral, released January 2, 2013
Pedal Steel: BJ Cole
Samples/Rhodes/Vocals: Helen

Señor Burns (You Know Who I Mean)

Antidote to Andy: Sly And The Family Stone

Terrifyingly Smoove: Andy Williams Under Paris Skies

Watch what you do! Andy Williams will creep up on you with his reverb!

Photos From Cultural Traffic, First Site, Colchester on Saturday

All courtesy Albany Arts.

I'll Play The Fool

A few of us had this album in the squat where I lived in Brighton. Sometimes on weekend mornings you could hear people singing along to it behind their Saturday doors. It's a happy song.

Sunday, February 19, 2017


Self Portrait With Green Goddess

B*gger selfies. I stretched my arm out just a couple of minutes ago and took a photo while I was rehearsing for tonight's gig in Croxley in a café that used to be called Coco's, and is now called something different. The Green Goddess is out to play tonight because the style is doo-wop and she has been called forth to match the music with her f-holes. Somehow that sounds rather rude.
I'm learning one of Paul Eccentric's songs, probably somewhat late in the day, and will be singing that with him, and then a clutch of my own selfies, which is the new name for songs you write yourself (I've decided). I will probably do Femme Fatale because I have 3 more CDs to sell, and Paul's partner Donna will be there doing all that selling stuff for us all. Ten people will be singing, playing or reading poetry tonight, all for a fiver.
Yesterday's thing in Colchester was brilliant even though the whole day lasted 13 hours. I met some great people as I learn to be friendly to strangers and not to hide behind extrovert friends. I will write about it in the week. I am spending most of today eating because all I ate yesterday was some Syrian soup which was very nice but I was starving when I got home, and the cupboard was bare.

The Tiniest Garden

Nature does not care where she plants a garden; even the top of a concrete post at the tube station will do.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Philip Leo

Many moons ago Philip used to go to a music workshop at Peckham Settlement where I worked. I wonder what happened to him? He had a great voice and wrote some lovely songs. And Patrick, and John, and Dawn, and Cecil, and Hilary and Trevor and Louis, and Nicola and the man who sold Holiday Property Bonds and played the trumpet.

I Try Not To Go To Charity Shops

But I did. And I bought a cheap Fables of La Fontaine illustrated by Gustave Dore because I wanted to look at the black and white lines. Two pounds fifty.

First Site, Colchester Tomorrow

Blimey, that's come round quick.
Tomorrow a bunch of ne'er-do-wells will be heading by charabanc to First Site, Colchester for the Cultural Traffic Fair.
Follow the link- it's gonna be a good day.
For the first time in my life, I'll be reading a bit from The Lost Women of Rock Music (and also singing some songs and selling some of my vintage comics and some CDs). I will have money-off vouchers for the book.
There will be food- a Syrian pop-up cafe!
And the second last day of the Gee Vaucher exhibition which I am REALLY looking forward to seeing.
Not to be missed if you live within hiccuping distance of Colchester, and worth a day trip if not, I'd say!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Engineer's Friend

This is commitment. Out go the sewing things, into a plain metal box; this tin is now at the ready to be charged with a fresh batch of Fisherman's Friends Originals.
The entire studio session has been fuelled by these little peppery drops. When I'm desperate, I can usually find a few kicking about in the bottom of my bag from a burst packet a month ago, but I don't share those ones because they are a bit grubby.
Hey-ho for seafaring sound engineers!
(We had competitions at school to see who could keep one in their mouth the longest. I never got one into my mouth in the first place, because I was scared of them at that age).

Hearing Things

One of the best things someone said to me once about one of my drawings was that it was 'loud'.
I love the idea of a picture making you hear sound.